The 2019 HolidayCheck Award is coming soon! Why would you bother?

About 1 million guest reviews are the basis for the HolidayCheck Award. 2019 is the 14th consecutive year that has awarded the most popular hotels worldwide. The Best of the Best will once again receive the HolidayCheck Gold Award, which will be awarded to hotels that have been award winners for at least five consecutive years, thus guaranteeing excellent service and customer satisfaction at the highest level. In 2018, a total of 705 hotels in 38 countries and 142 regions – of which 99 received the Gold Award.

The most popular hotels for travelers win the HolidayCheck Award each year in January. Every hotel that fulfills the minimum criteria and does not violate the HolidayCheck Code of Conduct can be nominated for the Award. The 10 most popular hotels in each region receive the Award.

What is the HolidayCheck Award?

The HolidayCheck Award is a hotel award that is given every year to the 10 most popular hotels in a region. In 2019 the HolidayCheck Award will be presented for the 14th time in a row.

What really is HolidayCheck? is the most visited and trusted travel portal in the German-speaking countries where users can easily find and book their perfect holiday and share their holiday experience. Being a meta-search and travel agent by itself HolidayCheck provides its reviews to almost all major German tour-operators. Famous for its review validation process, and acknowledged by hospitality industry, HolidayCheck can now be perceived as an authority of hotel quality and reputation.


If you already selling on the German market you should be aware that almost all major tour-operators use the HolidayCheck ratings to rank their offers.
But even if you are not targeting the German market (you’d maybe surprised here), your hotel’s ranking in Google and in the main meta-search websites Trivago and Kayak depends on HolidayCheck! To add even more to that, recently, Ryanair decided to use HolidayCheck as the single source of reputation for your hotel! Here is an article explaining this- “Why your hotel should care about its HolidayCheck rating?”

So not caring about HolidayCheck means not caring of your position in Google, Trivago, Kayak and many other sales channels that surely do affect almost every city hotel’s bottom line. Can you really afford that?

This poses a great window of opportunity to those who spot and react on it. Simply because it is easy to control the process – step one in your strategy list should be to get more reviews on HolidayCheck and Reputize has the right tools for this. And if you need proof that it works – here are examples.

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When is the HolidayCheck Award handed out?

The HolidayCheck Award is presented every year in January and refers to the observation period from 1.12.2017 to 30.11.2018 for the Award 2019.

Which minimum criteria does a hotel have to fulfill at the cutoff date on November 30th in order to qualify for the HolidayCheck Award?

Hotels must meet the following criteria during the observation period (1.12.2017-30.11.2018) in order to qualify for the award:

When is the deadline?

The cutoff date is on November 30th 2018, by which date all criteria must be met to qualify for the award.

Which period of time is relevant for the assignment of the Award?

All reviews published on HolidayCheck between December 1st, 2017 and November 30th, 2018 are automatically taken into consideration for the assignment of the Award, unless they concern a stay that ended before December 1st, 2017.

Why is not every hotel which fulfills the minimum criteria given an Award?

Only the 10 most popular hotels in a region are awarded, it is possible that hotels do fulfil the minimum criteria but do not receive the Award. Deviations within the popularity raking in tourist regions with many hotels can be marginal.

What is the HolidayCheck popularity ranking?

The popularity ranking is an algorithm which includes recommendation rate, overall rating, and reviews. By means of this popularity ranking, the 10 most popular hotels are determined.

Why are there no longer any award categories?

We want to reduce complexity so that you are able to integrate the Award more easily into your marketing. In this way, the Award can represent all your guests, rather than just individual guest categories. On the HolidayCheck Award website, HolidayCheck users can still select winning Award hotels based upon their chosen type of vacation and audience.

What is the HolidayCheck Gold Award and how can I receive it?

The HolidayCheck Gold Award is a special accolade. Hotels which have received the HolidayCheck Award at least 5 times in a row due to their continuously outstanding reviews are rewarded with this special accolade.

What is the difference between the HolidayCheck Award and „Recommended on HolidayCheck“?

„Recommended on HolidayCheck“ is awarded to every hotel that has at least 4.0 suns, 75% recommendation rate and one active rating in the period between 1.12.2017-31.03.2018. The HolidayCheck Award, on the other hand, is based on stricter criteria and is only awarded to the 10 most popular hotels in a region.

Does the award apply to other hotels in a chain?

No, the award is an individual award that only applies to one house and cannot be transferred to other houses in a chain or holiday complex.

How do I get my Award Package?

HolidayCheck will send you your free Award package by post. Please let HolidayCheck know which address we should send your package using the request form.
Please also note any other e-mails you receive from us.

What happens, if a hotel does no longer fulfill the minimum criteria during the year?

HolidayCheck reserves the right to remove the Award logo during the year if the recommendation rate or the overall rating goes below the minimum criteria significantly. The same applies in case of violation of the Code of Conduct.

More Reviews = Better Visibility on HolidayCheck

More Reviews = Better Visibility on HolidayCheck