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How to sell your rooms with Ryanair?

A great opportunity for a new sales channel – Ryanair Holidays

In an effort to become a broader leisure business in December 2016 Ryanair, the biggest low cost airline in EU, started to bundle flights, car hire and hotel rooms. This poses a great window of opportunity to those hotels who spot and react on it first. So here is what’s in there for your hotel.  Continue reading “How to sell your rooms with Ryanair?”

Why your hotel should care about its HolidayCheck rating?

In many conversations with managers of city and holiday hotels I am surprised to see how much neglect is there for the importance of a hotel’s rating in – the biggest German review portal. The type of question I’d usually hear is

“Why should I care about HolidayCheck while we don’t have too many German travelers anyway?!”

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