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What does the collapse of Thomas Cook mean for your hotel?

The collapse of Thomas Cook is the biggest failure to date of a UK package holiday company. Besides leaving approximately 600,000 holidaymakers stranded abroad – it also leaves thousands of hotels with cancelled holiday bookings and potentially unpaid fees. If your hotel is among the affected ones, what happens now?

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Review portal Zoover to focus on Dutch reviews only

Since being established in 2005, Zoover has grown from an attic room to an international organization. With websites in 22 countries and reviews in as many languages. After being taken over by their German sister company HolidayCheck in 2014, the focus within Zoover shifts now from International to National.
Wondering what this means for you?
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Reputize Presents to the Pancretan Hotel Managers Association

Our team is proud to be selected by the Pancretan Hotel Managers Association to present Reputize before the Cretan Hoteliers. Our partner in Greece Mr Papanikos had the chance to explain the benefits of engaging guests and to show the results achieved with a few of our customers in Crete. Continue reading “Reputize Presents to the Pancretan Hotel Managers Association”

How Reputize is preparing for a UK exit from the EU

Reputize believes that the best outcome for business is that the current negotiations on the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (“Brexit”) will result in a transition period and future arrangements which will support business. However, as things currently stand, the UK will exit the EU and the European Economic Area, effective 11pm UK time on March 29th 2019, with no withdrawal agreement. Continue reading “How Reputize is preparing for a UK exit from the EU”

Важно съобщение относно новите правила на HolidayCheck

HolidayCheck въвежда нови правила (Code of Conduct) от 15 Април 2019.  В бъдеще няма да се позволява на хотелите да използват техни собствени таблети и компютри, за да събират на място отзиви от гостите, както и се забраняват т.н. “HolidayCheck  дни”.

Като глобален технологичен партньор на HolidayCheck, Reputize оперира своите сертифицирани терминали под специален лицензионен режим. Всички клиенти на Reputize, бъдещи и стари, ще могат да използват терминалите в пълно съответствие с новия Code of Conduct без риск от санкции от страна на HolidayCheck. 

Съществуващите клиенти ще забележат незначителни промени в интерфейса, а именно текстовото поле за писане на отзива ще бъде премахнато от приложението на таблета и ще бъде добавена междинна стъпка, където гостът, след завръщането си у дома, ще може да добави отзива си на уеб интерфейс. Промяната е продиктувана от желанието да се улесни госта, както и да се увеличи броя на завършени анкети.

Important Notice Regarding the New HolidayCheck Code of Conduct (effective April 15th 2019)

As of April 15th 2019, HolidayCheck’s rolls out a new Code of Conduct. In the future, it is no longer allowed for hotels to provide their own devices for writing reviews directly in the hotel,  as well as to carry out review days and campaigns in the hotel, so-called “Promo Days” or “HolidayCheck Days”.

As a global connectivity and review publishing partner of HolidayCheck, Reputize operates its certified review terminals under special conditions.
All Reputize customers, both new and existing, will be able to continue using the terminals in full compliance with the new Code of Conduct and without risking any penalties. 

Existing customers will notice minor changes in the interface, namely the review text field will be removed from the tablet application and a middle step will be added where the guest will write the review text on a web interface after they return home. The change is a result of both Reputize’s and HolidayCheck’s efforts to improve the guest experience, to increase the number of submitted reviews and to reduce the manipulation efforts.

The 2019 HolidayCheck Award is coming soon! Why would you bother?

About 1 million guest reviews are the basis for the HolidayCheck Award. 2019 is the 14th consecutive year that has awarded the most popular hotels worldwide. The Best of the Best will once again receive the HolidayCheck Gold Award, which will be awarded to hotels that have been award winners for at least five consecutive years, thus guaranteeing excellent service and customer satisfaction at the highest level. In 2018, a total of 705 hotels in 38 countries and 142 regions – of which 99 received the Gold Award.

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Reputize Partners with Hotelbrain

We are pleased to announced that another leading brand, HotelBrain the leading international hotel management company operating in more than 64 destinations in 10 countries, has selected Reputize guest CRM solution. Reputize will be used at both the property and corporate level to provide the hotel management with data about the guest experience, insight into the competition and workflows for improving operations and engaging with guests. Continue reading “Reputize Partners with Hotelbrain”

Reputize at MERGE!

We are excited to announce will be presented at MERGE! in Orlando with our hotel reputation management platform.  With the high competition for travelers and constant innovation in online travel, a hotel’s digital presence in today’s Internet is one of its most valuable digital assets.  The conference covers disciplines across all aspects of digital assets – from DNS to development to operation. Reputize leads as a reputation management platform and sees the event as a means to evaluate new business avenues, network with other leaders and reach the various experts, future partners and companies. We are proud to be a silver sponsor at the event.

MERGE!, in its second year of operation, is a digital asset conference event, gathering a number of different conferences under a single roof, with a common access pass. The event combines multiple disciplines and focus areas together to create networking opportunities and grow business potential through the fusion of ideas and technology.