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The 2019 HolidayCheck Award is coming soon! Why would you bother?

About 1 million guest reviews are the basis for the HolidayCheck Award. 2019 is the 14th consecutive year that has awarded the most popular hotels worldwide. The Best of the Best will once again receive the HolidayCheck Gold Award, which will be awarded to hotels that have been award winners for at least five consecutive years, thus guaranteeing excellent service and customer satisfaction at the highest level. In 2018, a total of 705 hotels in 38 countries and 142 regions – of which 99 received the Gold Award.

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Reputize Partners with Hotelbrain

We are pleased to announced that another leading brand, HotelBrain the leading international hotel management company operating in more than 64 destinations in 10 countries, has selected Reputize guest CRM solution. Reputize will be used at both the property and corporate level to provide the hotel management with data about the guest experience, insight into the competition and workflows for improving operations and engaging with guests. Continue reading “Reputize Partners with Hotelbrain”

Help us fight fake reviews on HolidayCheck

Recently we received a few warnings from customers being approached by service providers with illegitimate offers to enhance the hotel’s reputation or to purchase ratings. This is a clear violation of HolidayCheck’s Code of Conduct and hotels engaging in such practices may suffer severe penalties and consequences. Continue reading “Help us fight fake reviews on HolidayCheck”

Reputize at MERGE!

We are excited to announce will be presented at MERGE! in Orlando with our hotel reputation management platform.  With the high competition for travelers and constant innovation in online travel, a hotel’s digital presence in today’s Internet is one of its most valuable digital assets.  The conference covers disciplines across all aspects of digital assets – from DNS to development to operation. Reputize leads as a reputation management platform and sees the event as a means to evaluate new business avenues, network with other leaders and reach the various experts, future partners and companies. We are proud to be a silver sponsor at the event.

MERGE!, in its second year of operation, is a digital asset conference event, gathering a number of different conferences under a single roof, with a common access pass. The event combines multiple disciplines and focus areas together to create networking opportunities and grow business potential through the fusion of ideas and technology.

Reputize is ready for the GDPR

ACTION REQUIRED! Please sign in to your Reputize account to review and accept the updated Terms of Service. We recommend that you consult your legal advisor in case you have questions about the terms. Additionally, all our customers need to update their profile in regards to GDPR compliance.

Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

In accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We encourage you to read both documents in full and contact us if you have any questions. Continue reading “Reputize is ready for the GDPR” ratings have gone crazy today (14 Dec 2017)! How is your hotel affected?

Be that a bug or a change in the rating algorithm it is very likely that this affects you too!

Doing our routine job today – monitoring the online reputation for thousands of hotels, our account managers noticed unusual deviations in the hotels’ ratings and number of reviews. Many hotels woke up with a changed rating on 14 Dec.  Continue reading “ ratings have gone crazy today (14 Dec 2017)! How is your hotel affected?”

Sun Island Resort Maldives Doubles Tripadvisor Reviews with Reputize

[one_half padding=”0 0 0 20px”]
3000+ guests
engaged for 2 months


[one_half padding=”0 0 0 20px”] index rise
from 7.9 to 8.3


[one_half padding=”0 0 0 20px”]
Reputize index
increased by 3%


[one_half padding=”0 0 0 20px”]
Net Promoter Score: 68



[one_half padding=”0 0 0 20px”]
2X number of
Tripadvisor reviews


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Как да продавате стаите си през Ryanair?

Ryanair Holidays – страхотна възможност като нов канал за продажби.

Полагайки услилия да развият всеобхватен дигитален бизнес модел, Ryanair, най-голямата авиокомания в Европа, добави наскоро нови услуги, като освен полети, клиентите вече могат  да запазят хотел и да наемат кола. Имайки предвид големия брой на полетите до България, както и планираните нови такива до Бургас и Варна – всичко това отваря чудесна възможност за хотелите да се сдобият с нов канал за продажби. Разбира се, най-много ще спечелят тези, които успеят да се възползват първи. Ето какво може да направите…
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How to sell your rooms with Ryanair?

A great opportunity for a new sales channel – Ryanair Holidays

In an effort to become a broader leisure business in December 2016 Ryanair, the biggest low cost airline in EU, started to bundle flights, car hire and hotel rooms. This poses a great window of opportunity to those hotels who spot and react on it first. So here is what’s in there for your hotel.  Continue reading “How to sell your rooms with Ryanair?”