Help us fight fake reviews on HolidayCheck

Recently we received a few warnings from customers being approached by service providers with illegitimate offers to enhance the hotel’s reputation or to purchase ratings. This is a clear violation of HolidayCheck’s Code of Conduct and hotels engaging in such practices may suffer severe penalties and consequences.

The credibility of the HolidayCheck reviews is based on the honest and open exchange of experiences by genuine holidaymakers. Purchasing reviews is considered a fraudulent practice and will not be tolerated by HolidayCheck.

Currently (Dec 2018), HolidayCheck has identified a total of 46 hotels that have commissioned a service provider to submit fake reviews on HolidayCheck. The company has initiated legal proceedings against the affected hotels.


The following consequences are to be expected if ratings are falsified:

  • Clearly visible warning sign on the hotel profile
  • Exclusion from the “HolidayCheck Award” and “Recommended on HolidayCheck”
  • Suspension of reviews that are written directly in the hotel
  • Legal action (both against the client and service provider)

We need your help

We ask you for relevant information to support us in the fight against the criminal practices of such service providers. It is in our common interest to keep the biggest German review portal free from faker reviews and to be as objective as possible. Please report suspicious persons who approach you or have already approached you with offers to enhance your reputation or to purchase ratings.

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