Bulgaria’s Biggest Hotel Chain Albena Uses Reputize to Push Guest Reviews to HolidayCheck | Customer Case

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14 hotels


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Hotel Borjana
Award 2017


Albena AD, the biggest hotel group in Bulgaria, located on the Black Sea coast and operating 20,000 beds in 40+ hotels (2 to 5 stars) uses Reputize to monitor and improve guest satisfaction. Since 2015, Reputize provides its on-site real-time survey solution and advanced reputation analytics to help Albena maintain a boutique customer service and promote itself on major OTAs.

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“The opportunity of our guests to complete the HolidayCheck review conveniently at the spot inside the hotel is extremely valuable for us. This way we are able to collect feedback from a large number of guests who wouldn’t rate our services otherwise – for example elderly people without frequent access to a computer.”

A. Georgiev
IT Director, Albena Group

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