Important Notice Regarding the New HolidayCheck Code of Conduct (effective April 15th 2019)

As of April 15th 2019, HolidayCheck’s rolls out a new Code of Conduct. In the future, it is no longer allowed for hotels to provide their own devices for writing reviews directly in the hotel,  as well as to carry out review days and campaigns in the hotel, so-called “Promo Days” or “HolidayCheck Days”.

As a global connectivity and review publishing partner of HolidayCheck, Reputize operates its certified review terminals under special conditions.
All Reputize customers, both new and existing, will be able to continue using the terminals in full compliance with the new Code of Conduct and without risking any penalties. 

Existing customers will notice minor changes in the interface, namely the review text field will be removed from the tablet application and a middle step will be added where the guest will write the review text on a web interface after they return home. The change is a result of both Reputize’s and HolidayCheck’s efforts to improve the guest experience, to increase the number of submitted reviews and to reduce the manipulation efforts.