customers will now be able to directly book hotel rooms on TripAdvisor

The winner is TripAdvisor with а 25% share-growth. And let’s just be honest – this is no good news for the OTA’s rivals and for most hoteliers. The deal will fuel additional fee revenue for TripAdvisor, which up to now is mostly dependent on advertising prices (Priceline being a major client), and it gives TripAdvisor a shot at becoming a one-stop tourist booking spot. Recently, TripAdvisor has also made some sweet deals with hotel chains like Marriott and Best Western that allow travelers to book rooms through the site.

Booking’s sister booking sites and will soon join the party. Winner or loser, will reach new customers, especially outside Europe. At the same time some Priceline customers will prefer to use as a booking platform which will lead to a reduced revenue.

Priceline’s major competitors like Expedia may have to consider their own deals. On the news Expedia saw its stock price plunge 4 percent.