Nana Beach Hotel Boosts Rating on German OTAs | Customer Case

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5% increase in
recommendation rate


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increase in number
of reviews


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“Nana Beach has many repeat customers which don’t usually bother to write a review. In 2015 we got 147 HolidayCheck reviews. In 2016, with the help of Reputize, we received 445 reviews! What an improvement! Especially having in mind that many of our guests rarely use Internet.
Additionally, we started the last season with 90% recommendation – now we are on 95%. That’s a fantastic result for a hotel like Nana Beach.”

Ilias Kalathas
General Manager
Kathrin Eickmeyer
CEO, Hotel ORM

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Author: Errikos Papanikos

Director Reputize Greece Tel: +30 6996991001