Cyan Group of Hotels Engages Guests On-Site for Better OTA Visibility | Customer Case

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HolidayCheck 2016 Award
for Apollonia Beach
& Sitia Beach


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Rating increased
from 4.9 to 5.6 for Sitia Beach


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210+ reviews



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Thanks to the app for the tablets our guests’ reviews for Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa and Sitia Beach City Resort & Spa has recently increased a lot. We generate a lot more reviews so we know continuously what our guests think about our product in real-time. The app is very user-friendly and gives a simple access for our guests to write a review. It also helps to make HolidayCheck better known! We recommend it!

Manolis Manousos

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Author: Errikos Papanikos

Director Reputize Greece Tel: +30 6996991001