Reputize at MERGE!

We are excited to announce will be presented at MERGE! in Orlando with our hotel reputation management platform.  With the high competition for travelers and constant innovation in online travel, a hotel’s digital presence in today’s Internet is one of its most valuable digital assets.  The conference covers disciplines across all aspects of digital assets – from DNS to development to operation. Reputize leads as a reputation management platform and sees the event as a means to evaluate new business avenues, network with other leaders and reach the various experts, future partners and companies. We are proud to be a silver sponsor at the event.

MERGE!, in its second year of operation, is a digital asset conference event, gathering a number of different conferences under a single roof, with a common access pass. The event combines multiple disciplines and focus areas together to create networking opportunities and grow business potential through the fusion of ideas and technology.

Reputize is ready for the GDPR

ACTION REQUIRED! Please sign in to your Reputize account to review and accept the updated Terms of Service. We recommend that you consult your legal advisor in case you have questions about the terms. Additionally, all our customers need to update their profile in regards to GDPR compliance.

Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

In accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We encourage you to read both documents in full and contact us if you have any questions. Continue reading “Reputize is ready for the GDPR”

The right way to run guest surveys on tablets (iOS and Android)

A lot of customers want to use a tablet these days to do quick in-stay guest surveys by asking the guest to fill it in at the reception by using tablets. We at Reputize hear more and more cases of customers being tricked into buying a survey solution that locks a tablet down into a so called “browser kiosk-mode”. In this short article I want to demystify the truth about tablet-based surveys. Continue reading “The right way to run guest surveys on tablets (iOS and Android)”

Reputize @ Start It Smart | Deep Dive

On 17th May,  Reputize’s biz dev director Alexander Krustev will be a guest speaker at Start It Smart | Deep Dive at the Microsoft Innovation Centre in Sofia.  Alexander will give the audience of a deep dive into the future of the HORECA industry. The presentation is part of a series of events under the Start It Smart | Deep Dive initiative.

More information is available here:

This is How 200+ Holiday Resorts Sell More on the German Market

25 HolidayCheck

80% of hotels improve position

7000+ published

2X number of published reviews

Are you selling your holiday hotel rooms on the biggest outbound tourism market in the world – Germany?
Here’s how more than 200 holiday resorts improve their visibility with the main German tour operators by publishing more reviews on (i.e.,,,, Der Touristik and many others).

Continue reading “This is How 200+ Holiday Resorts Sell More on the German Market”