Why more Google reviews mean more direct bookings for your hotel?

“Google review count and score are factored into local search ranking: more reviews and positive ratings will probably improve a business’s local ranking.”
(Source: Google)

Space movies in the last months must have had people thinking “Future”, because all major issues are publishing their predictions for the unknown… and eurica! The extinction of the middle man (anyone who makes profit out of reselling) has been foreseen. Fingers crossed it’s in our lifetime, because no one likes being stuck with paying the fee to Booking.com and giving lower prices to the tour operator.

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Reputize Launches One-Click Google Review Publishing for Guest Surveys

Reputize now allows hotels to publish Google reviews as part of their guest feedback solution. This new feature can help significantly increase Google review volume, putting additional review content online in front of potential guests.
Previously, our customers could collect HolidayCheck and Zoover reviews, a feature which allowed 80% of them to improve their ranking. Now, Reputize Surveys customers have the option to publish reviews on the travel search giant Google as well with a new direct integration.

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Reputize Partners with Zoover

Reputize is expanding it’s partner network in order to deliver content to a broader audience.

Hotels, using Reputize, are now able to directly publish guest reviews to Zoover from touch terminals, placed inside their hotels, or from the other channels like email and WiFi. Hotels are already familiar with this service since last year Reputize partnered with Holidaycheck in order to deliver more hotel reviews to the platform.

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Reputize Does ITB Berlin 2016

After the success of the Travel Technology Europe Show in London last February, Reputize barely had a few days to rest before tackling #ITBberlin. ITB is the world’s largest tourism trade fair receiving more than 115,000 visitors from some 185 countries. We were honoured to have the opportunity to present our reputation management solution to this platform on such a global scale.
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Reputize To Be Featured at Travel Technology Europe Show at Olympia London, 24-25 Feb 2016

We are proud to announce that Reputize has been chosen to exhibit at the new Launchpad area at the Travel Technology Europe event together with eight other travel startup companies.

The Launchpad area will be introduced to the Business Travel Show in 2016 to help buyers source the very latest in industry innovation and to support and promote start-ups and new businesses in the business travel arena.

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Booking.com customers will now be able to directly book hotel rooms on TripAdvisor

The winner is TripAdvisor with а 25% share-growth. And let’s just be honest – this is no good news for the OTA’s rivals and for most hoteliers. The deal will fuel additional fee revenue for TripAdvisor, which up to now is mostly dependent on advertising prices (Priceline being a major client), and it gives TripAdvisor a shot at becoming a one-stop tourist booking spot. Recently, TripAdvisor has also made some sweet deals with hotel chains like Marriott and Best Western that allow travelers to book rooms through the site.

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Reputize Partners with HolidayCheck.com

We are pleased to announce that Reputize is now a global tech partner of HolidayCheck.

With our service hotels can push guest reviews directly from a touch screen device to HolidayCheck. The service is also available via e-mail, QR-codes and/or WiFi integration.

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